Imprint - A Partner's Club

Name of Club: IMPRINT- a partners club, making an imprint in each other’s lives.        

Sponsor: Christina Hall & Brandi Crosby

Dates/times of meetings:  Club members can expect to partner with their new friends in the mornings from 8:15-8:45 or in the afternoons from 12:30-1:00 one time per week. In addition, there will be possible opportunities for off campus events.

Mission:  The purpose of the Imprint Club is to encourage a mentorship between special education students and their peers. This achievement takes place through social activities, recreational events and mentor groups. Throughout the year Imprint students will work with special education students to help them develop social skills and to teach them what friendship is.

In IMPRINT you will learn how to:

   * Help students with developmental disabilities gain a sense of belonging and acceptance here  at Kings Chapel.
   * Help students develop friendships outside of their special education program by providing a common bond through  classroom games and fun activities.
   * Help students develop social skills through appropriate inclusion. Research shows that improving social competence is the key to integrating people with             disabilities into the community
   * Encourage peers to develop a more accepting attitude towards individuals that may look, act or thinkdifferently from themselves. This new attitude will be carried into adulthood.

Imprint Club