Linda Leskovar


As the school counselor at Kings Chapel, I have witnessed unbelievable opportunities available to our students and parents in our school's unique rich educational environment. As involved parents, you contribute more to your child's education and well-being than you can possibly imagine. Actively involved parents are key components to a child's school success both academically and socially.

My suggestions to parents:

Read and sign agendas daily (no exceptions).

Write comments or questions to teachers in the agenda.

Become an active partner (student+teacher+parent) in your child's academic and social development.

Attend school functions.

Develop a working relationship with your child's teacher.

Be knowledgeable about classroom and homework routines.

Along with your child, peruse the papers in the Wednesday folder to assist with new material.

Guide your child in developing a written daily schedule that includes homework times, recreational times, meal times, TV times, and bedtime.

Scientific research has proven that short scheduled study times, about 20-30 minutes spread throughout after school hours, contribute exponentially to subject mastery.

Communicate with me, your school's counselor, several times throughout the year about your child's progress and about your concerns. I am here to assist all partners in this educational relationship.

And lastly, revel in the enjoyment and wonderment of assisting your child in his/her academic progress.