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Kicking Cougar Dance Team

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Kicking Cougars

Kicking Cougar Dance Team
Kicking Cougar Dance Team

Name of Club: Kicking Cougars – Dance Team

Sponsors: Brittany Tackett and Kymberley Stimus

Every Monday from 3:30-4:30

Mission of the Club: The purpose of the Cougar Dance Team is to provide female students with the opportunity to demonstrate their dancing talents and abilities while providing additional opportunities to perform outside the classroom setting and represent Kings Chapel Elementary School.   The coaches will provide an atmosphere for the dance members conducive to building a positive self-image, as well as preparing them for performance activities at the middle school level.

Description: The Cougar Dance Team is an extracurricular activity for female students in 4th and 5th grades.   Students will learn a variety of dance moves and techniques, as well as a choreographed dance routine for performances. The Cougar Dance Team will have various opportunities to perform in and around the Perry area, as well as at many school related events.   Students will be required to purchase a dance team uniform to wear for public performances. Financial obligations will not exceed $75.00.   Selection will be based on judged try-outs.